Why Blake and Who is He?



Hi I’m Blake Bogese.   I am a residential mortgage loan officer in Virginia (NMLS 1486989). My goal is to help you purchase your next home, or better you and your family financially by refinancing your current home. 

“When people ask us how buying our house went, we can honestly say it was stress free and fast! We highly recommend using Blake!” 

 -Krista & Dustin Bowers

Did you know….

“About 30 percent of purchasers who apply for a mortgage are turned down. Despite the tight lending environment, borrowers shouldn’t always take “no” for an answer. In some cases, they just need to apply with a different lender or take a few simple steps to improve their credit”



Can I be frank? Since the crisis of 2008, mortgages and their underwriting guidelines have become increasingly complex. These guidelines often defy common sense and are ever changing! Mortgage companies are under extreme scrutiny to ensure the loans they originate are not risky. As they say, things roll down hill…

Don’t risk your loan approval with an inexperienced Loan Officer, online fly-by-night companies, rigid bank guidelines, and/or salaried 9-5 employees who are paid the same regardless of your outcome.

You need an expert who is available to talk, text, email, or meet in person, when its convenient for you.

Additionally, I am a certified instructor for Military Mortgage Bootcamp where we focus on helping Veterans get into homes and educating the community about VA loans.


10 key benefits of working with me.  You will…..

  1. Work with me, a real live person, throughout the entire process, start to finish
  2. Have someone that is available when you are available (i.e. nights, weekends and holidays!)
  3. Understand all the loan options and which ones are best for you
  4. Learn the timelines and requirements to purchase after a bankruptcy or foreclosure
  5. Have someone who understands your credit report and the actions to take to improve your score
  6. Clearly explain the entire process start to finish and the approval costs
  7. Understand all the costs: it’s not just rate, but also closing costs, prepaids, title, and insurance
  8. Avoid costly mistakes before you get into a purchase contract
  9. Have peace of mind knowing your loan will actually fund
  10. Close on time and on the terms as we initially discussed


Most importantly: As a professional, I will never under estimate loan rates, monthly payments or other costs simply to get you in the door. My estimates are real and truthful. I never employ bait and switch tactics! I guarantee that the answers I give you will be honest, even if the truth isn’t what you want to hear.

I do not throw applications against the wall and hope they stick. I do not make false promises in pursuits of my own agenda! My goal is to make this process as enjoyable as possible and earn your trust! 

Compensation Disclosure: I am a W-2 employee who is paid directly by my employer. My pay is not tied to the loan type, the rate you choose, your credit profile or any other factor. I do not make more money off selling you into a higher rate or worst loan product. In fact, those tactics are against the law, but unfortunately there are still lenders who like to bend the rules and skirt the gray areas.

Most of my clients receive a lender credit which is used to help pay closing costs and reduce their funds needed for closing! 

As a matter of fact, I do not get paid unless you get what you want and your loan actually funds! My business comes directly through referrals and word of mouth. My only goal is to provide you with excellent service so I can earn your trust and you tell your friends and family! I do not throw loan applications against the wall and hope they stick! When I say you are pre approved, I mean it!




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You can contact me by phone 804-586-5174 (call or text) or email bbogese@jgw.com

Connect here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blakebogese

or LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/blakebogese/


Or schedule a time to meet in person:

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